As you tackle getting ready for golfers to return, go beyond cleaning the carpets and shining the counters. Let a little cleanup trickle to operations too. Here are five things you can do to help shake off winter and get you and your staff enthused for the upcoming season.

1. Organize and De-clutter

Think about the kind of impression you give your customers/members who walk into the shop. What do they see?

Give the shop and your office a once-over. Clean out desk drawers, counter drawers and cubby holes as well as storage rooms. Take a look through lost and found and donate items that have been there awhile. File the piles of paper cluttering counters and offices. Clean up and organize your computer files and email in-boxes.

Be sure to err on the side of organization, because it presents better appearance and saves time searching for things.

2. Make Ready

This is a good time to get ahead of the game a bit.

Make a list of projects and prioritize what needs to get done before the season really kicks in. Get ready as many details as possible, on programs new and old, in the coming season. Prepare all of the information available for this year’s monthly calendars.
Freshen up your business card, flyers and other marketing materials. If the facility’s website has not been updated, take the time to prepare new updated material. This may include adding a blog post, survey or some video. Perhaps ask for client testimonials.
Write and practice an elevator speech for staff and new members/customers. Develop a good process to track ideas for new programs, revenue-producers, etc. Consider blocking off some time to share some fun with staff.

3. Streamline

What processes or procedures can be updated and simplified?

Take a close read of the Shop’s Policies and Procedures Manual and Safety Manual. Refine report forms and processes that are too cumbersome or ask for unnecessary data. Perhaps there is a need to develop new forms.

Simplify the organization or filing of computer data. Check on the integrity of backed up data and update it. Run virus scans on your computer.

4. Repair

What are those little items that have been overlooked? Whatever they are, now is a good time to get them handled.

Perhaps the entry or counter area needs a quick facelift. Or the door frame is splitting. A back window is cracked. Take a good tour of the grounds and Golf Shop and make note of all of the things needing repair. Then decide who can take care of them. Assign and note a goal for completion.

5. Review

Before things get crazy busy, take some time to examine and share.

Sit down with key staff to go over this season’s plans. Review and update your list of programs and services. Get rid of unnecessary ongoing business expenses. Review member/customer agreements and make any necessary revisions. Review and update all email rules and filters.


Cleaning out can stir things up for the better. What will you do to spring clean your golf shop?

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