I hope that as the 2013 golf season quickly winds down, you’re getting the opportunity to take a deep breath, maybe play a little golf yourself and catch up on some much needed family time. The aerifiers have made or will make their semi-annual “lap” around the putting surfaces. Just like these machines “punch holes” in the surface to bring light, nutrients and moisture to regenerate healthier, better turf, I’d like to ask you to “punch some holes” in your own programming, efforts, leadership and execution this past season.

With the idea of “punching holes” to shed the light of evaluation, analysis and improvement in the future, I’d like to suggest a good way I’ve found to make progress right now for success in 2014. It doesn’t matter what the program, the project or the concept, I believe laying the “Five Ps” template over it will make a huge difference in whether or not it’s successful.

#1 “PUNCH HOLES”Ask Yourself the Hard Questions
  • Evaluate everything, especially the revenue generators…(focus less on the cost areas/issues and more on the cost of not doing them!)
  • Are your key staff/assistants stepping up as you and the facility need them to?  (Did you empower them to step up so you could focus on generating revenue?)
  • What new customer and core customer offerings could work at your facility? (Don’t be afraid of success!  Be afraid of failing to try.)

10/1-11/28 (Qtr 1)

#2 “PLAN”

  • Based on your facility “physical plant,” what programs can you offer to build new customers, engage your core customers and attract families, women and new business?
  • How can you engage yourself or a staffer to drive revenue in 2014? (Service doesn’t separate us as PGA professionals anymore.  Driving bottom line revenue is the ONLY way.)
  • Select the programs you (and colleagues/staff)

12/1-1/31 (Qtr 2)

#3 “POST” and Promote Programs

  • Once you’ve selected the programs, don’t procrastinate in scheduling, posting and promote them!
  •  Secret of Success: Schedule programs (more of them than you think,) at times that FIT YOUR CUSTOMERS, not you, your staff, etc.  (Fill the classes, then worry about who will teach them…there are a lot of under-employed golf professionals who could teach them.)
  • Use Active, create a “promotional center” on site where you can promote your programming in print, digital and other methodology.

2/1-3/31 (Qtr 3)


  • Meet with your colleagues, teaching staff and other key golf operations “front-line” staffers…then take it further to other facility staff who interact with customers in the restaurant, the bar, etc.  Share your vision with them on your ‘WHY’ for running the programs you/your team have chosen and HOW they fit into the success of the plan, (including how they will personally benefit from the success of these programs.)
  •  Finalize your curriculum, scripts, staff schedules, etc.  (If you need to find extra help to teach, start looking now…)

4/1-9/30 (Qtr 4)

#5 Run the “PLAYS”

  • The season is upon you…you’ve got a plan, a script and a schedule.  Run the plays, keep yourself, your colleagues/staff motivated and go “WIN” the season!  Celebrate your successes, track them…learn from mistakes.
  • Keep updating the promotions/plays throughout the season, and make tweaks as necessary.
  • Communicate regularly with your employer, stakeholders and facility colleagues on the success of your programming; find out if they have any positives to share from their view on the success of programming.