“These two words can change lives and change the world…this is a DNA-thing. We were created for significance. One of the most dangerous things that can happen to us, as individuals, as organizations, as a community…is the feeling that we don’t matter.” Angela Maiers, Education Consultant

You could be indispensable. You can be a difference maker…You can be a Rainmaker…You can be significant, noticed and valued by your employer and make your clients, customers and members feel the same.

In meeting with so many of our Section members the past 60 days or so, I have been heartened to hear that 2012 has been a better year, versus 2011, in terms of rounds and revenue. In general, this anecdotal evidence has been confirmed by the PGA PerformanceTrak reporting through September 2012. With above normal temperatures, more “open days” overall and “much below” normal precipitation, our Section facilities have seen an average increase of rounds nearing 5%, with revenues at an even higher increase. To that end, we can say “great job.”
Surely, it’s been a long season and hopefully, we were able to take advantage of it at the bottom-line level for our facilities, owners and employers. With the ever-shortening days and rain in some form or another, I believe it’s time to ask ourselves some important questions for 2013
What if the weather is worse in 2013 than in 2012? If the weather is worse, and the season is shorter, can I be the difference maker, (and develop/lead the team to support me,) to hold the line on rounds and revenue gains at my facility?


  • How can I communicate my value as a “rainmaker” through the results of 2012 to my employer? (Hint: See page 7 of the Player Development Playbook)
  • How can I communicate my “bottom-line” focus to my employer in preparing my plans and objectives for 2013?
  • How can I ensure my employer knows I’m an engaged leader and not just a hired hand?
  • What customer engagement, player development and customer development models can I install in my 2013 Business Plan that will give me, my staff and my facility, the best chance to hold the line (and maybe surpass it?)
  • What new promotional, branding and creative tools can I use (or develop) to ensure success for the player development models, programming and events I will include in my Business Plan for 2013? (I’m here to help you with this.)
  • What can I notice that is significant about my staff, my colleagues and my customers to make them feel significant (or of value) to me? So they will know they matter too. (During the gray days of the holidays, let’s help people around us know their significance. People are dying to contribute and they want to matter to us. Let’s intentionally change a heart, change a mood…change a life by letting them know they matter.)
  • Can I depend on my staff enough, (because I’ve invested and developed them enough,) to make them feel essential to the success of our facility?
  • Can I engage my staff enough in the Business Plan to have them be able to understand it’s importance to our facility? Can I engage them in doing the important tasks, (possibly their own way, using their own genius,) so I can do the important tasks in the Business Plan that will drive rounds, revenue and new business?
  • Can I trust them with the urgent stuff, so I can focus and deliver on the important stuff?

Thank you for what you’ve done for our Association and our PGA Brand this past golf season. I believe our Section is filled with PGA-genius, creativity and horsepower and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with every Member and Apprentice I’ve met. It is a privilege to serve amongst so many fine professionals and I look forward to partnering with many of you to accomplish your plans, hopes and aspirations and help you be the rainmaker at your facility. Hope to see you soon.

Monte Koch
PNW PGA Regional Player Development Manager
Phone: 206-335-5260