Based on a study by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), over 293,000 high school students from Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia participated in a high school sport in the 2010-2011 school year. This leaves over 235,000 high school-age students who do not have the opportunity to play in a sport, do not have the interest, and/or the high school team does not have enough spots available. By simple correlation, the same must be true for students who reside within the borders of the PNWPGA Section.

As you may or may not know, many area high golf school teams have eliminated both JV and Freshman teams, and are limited to only 8 members on the Varsity team. Literally dozens of kids who had visions of participating in fall or spring golf have no outlet to competition and further development. This opens the door to many opportunities for the PGA Professional to fill the void for these junior golfers and keep core golfers from becoming lapsed.

Providing Opportunities: Family Golf Focus

With Family Golf as a highlight through the month of July, and High School golf planned for Fall 2012 for Washington, or Spring of 2013 for Idaho, Montana and Oregon .

For those high school age golfers who may not “find their place” to play this coming season on their high school golf team, there just may be a great option that YOU and your facility can offer. *By keeping these young golfers playing and eager to learn and improve, this option could be good for them and their families, not to mention creating traffic at your facility that will also help the bottom line.

The Masters Academy

This program has already been in place at private, public and resort facilities across the country, but it hasn’t taken hold here in the PNW, yet. This is an after-school, monthly-fee golf program that rewards the progress of students with a color system similar to the belts used in Karate. Academy students attend “classes” three days a week with groups divided by “belt” color and on the first Sunday of each month they complete a skills test to earn a promotion to the next color level. Click here for more details on Masters Academy.

Are you creating golfers with your successful player development programs?

If you are, then we want to share it with your peers. Please send your story to PGA Player Development Regional Manager, Monte Koch, PGA – (206) 335-5260; ;;; @pga4mdad.