The PGA of America is pleased to announce that the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program is now available on Children and grandchildren of PGA members are eligible. For additional information, please click here to view our Scholarship Search Tips and links to additional websites that can help with your scholarship search.

Please read the application instructions carefully. Eligible students will be asked to provide their Social Security number and the member number of the PGA-affiliated parent or grandparent before you will be authorized to complete the application. The application must be completed online.

We ask that you wait until you receive your first semester transcript from your school before applying, so that you complete the application using the most recent academic information.

After submitting the application, you must send an “official” transcript from your school. High school graduating seniors must ensure the transcript shows their cumulative GPA and SAT/ACT test scores. Current college students must ensure the transcript shows their cumulative GPA and most recently completed semester GPA. A student must have a cumulative 3.4 grade point average in either high school or college to be eligible to apply. Send the transcript to:

Linda Bennington
Grant and Scholarship Specialist
PGA Foundation
100 Avenue of the Champions
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

The online application deadline date and receipt of the transcript is 5:00 p.m. (ET), March 15, 2013. Recipients will be announced in May. If you have any questions concerning the application, please contact Linda Bennington at (561) 624-7612 or via email at