2017 Education Schedule

WMC Strategic Tournament Planning @ Meadow Lark CC
Apr 24 all-day

MSR Credits: 2

The Chapter will have a two-hour strategic tournament planning session in a cracker-barrel type setting led by Jess Roper.  The education will cover the tournament rules and regulations for the Chapter, the tournament calendar, sponsorships, formats, and charitable presence.  The event is $20 per participant.  The event is a break-even in conjunction with the Chapter spring meeting.

Club Fitting, Wedge Fitting & Putter Fitting, Sponsored by Callaway Golf, Brian Howes @ Missoula CC
Jun 25 all-day

MSR Credits: 4

Brian Howes, sales representative from Callaway, will conduct a four-hour fitting event.  Brian is bringing in an equipment specialist from Callaway to cover all equipment and the fitting process for wedges, irons, woods, driver and putter.  Entry for the education is $30 and will include lunch and golf after the four hours for the participants.  The $30 will cover lunch and Brian’s time.  Each participant will receive a gift from Callaway.

Physical training & Therapy for Golf, Sponsored by Great Divide Physical Therapy, Lisa Bakker @ Canyon River GC
Aug 6 all-day

MSR Credits: 2

Lisa Bakker from Great Divide Physical Therapy will conduct a two-hour seminar for professionals to educate them on how physical therapy can help their students, their own game, and provide a connection with a local professional to better serve their golfers.  The cost of the education is $20 and goes to Lisa for compensation for her time.

Growing the Game and the Professional, with Monte Koch & PGA Career Services @ Northern Pines GC
Oct 1 all-day

MSR Credits: 6

Growing the game and the professional. Monte Koch will be on hand for a six-hour education, hopefully in conjunction with our new Career Services individual to help the Professional with growth of the game and personal career growth.  The education will be $20 and will include a meal.


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Dress Code: Golf Attire.

Hours are estimated and subject to program approval. For more education opportunities outside the Chapter, visit the PNW PGA Section Education page.