8 Ways to Build Good Karma at Work

If you want to succeed on the job, you need the support and respect of your co-workers. After all, you never know when you’ll be asked to partner with someone on a project or need a helping hand from a fellow staffer. Having good relationships at work also makes it more pleasant to be there. Provided by Robert Half International, here are eight ways to build good karma at work.

  1. Be friendly – While it may seem that your reputation is formed solely by the quality of your work, your attitude is a big factor. Smiling and saying hello to all you pass is an easy way to project a friendly and positive attitude. Other small acts, like opening a door for a co-worker can go a long way. After all, people want to work with those they like.
  2. Offer a helping hand – It’s certainly nice to take a break and relax between assignments, but if you can tell that a co-worker is stressing out over a project while you’re kicking back, offer to give him or her a hand. They will remember the gesture the next time you need assistance.
  3. Volunteer for an unwanted project – Sure, it may not be a lot of fun. But if you pitch in to assist, you’ll develop a reputation as a team player and you’re likely to build new skills in the process. Bonus: These types of projects are sometimes near and dear to a boss’s heart and stepping up can be a good way to distinguish yourself in their eyes.
  4. Leave things better than when you found them – At all costs, avoid being the person who makes other people’s jobs more tedious. For example, clean up after yourself. Leaving a mess may be the most annoying behavior in the workplace. Another way to fill your karma bank is to refill the printer when it runs out of paper. Pull the jammed paper from the copier and get it back online. If you can’t fix a piece of equipment you’ve broken, promptly report the problem to someone who can.
  5. Be aware of your annoying habits – Do your best to avoid irritating your co-workers, especially if you work in an open environment where people are in close proximity to one another. Avoid constantly going in the back to text, speaking loudly or jingling the change in your pocket; it can make it hard for others to get their work done.
  6. Reach out to the newbie – Remember how you felt on your first day in the shop, not knowing anyone and wondering about everything from where the supplies were located to where to take a break? Help out a new colleague by so you can explain the unwritten rules of the shop operation and answer any questions your co-worker has. Chances are, this small act of kindness will be remembered.
  7. Listen – You may be certain that your idea for solving a sticky problem is the best one, however, it never hurts to hear what your co-workers have to say before pushing your point. Showing respect for others’ ideas will let them know you value their opinions. In addition, you might be able to build on their thoughts to come up with a solution superior to the one you came up with on your own.
  8. Recognize people’s efforts – This may be the most important rule of all. When a co-worker helps you out or makes your job easier, say thank you. If his or her efforts were outstanding, let the boss know. Your colleagues will be much more likely to assist you on your next project if you made them feel good about their work on the last one.

One final piece of advice: Remember the Golden Rule when interacting with others in the workplace. Treating people as you’d like to be treated will help ensure you build a reputation as a pleasant, helpful colleague.

Contact Carol Pence by calling (510) 706-1583 or via e-mail at CPence@pgahq.com.

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In Memory of Roger C Doyle: 12/20/1922 – 11/24/2014

Roger-Doyle-cropRoger Clyde Doyle, 91, of Pendleton died Monday, November 24, 2014 at his home.

Roger was born on December 20, 1922 to Clyde and Edna (Kukel) Doyle in Holstein, Iowa.

Roger served during WWII in the Navy and was a golf pro for 26 years.  He worked for Pendleton Country Club.

View Roger’s obituary online

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Pacific Golf & Turf Remodeling Former Equipment Rental Building in Portland


Old Stark Street building undergoing full-scale upgrade for more modern look and increased energy efficiency

Portland, Ore. ­– December 3, 2014 – After closing on the purchase of the building last spring, Pacific Golf & Turf launched a massive remodel and reconstruction of the nearly 18,000 square foot building in southeast Portland. Previously housing Bob’s Rentals and Sales for more than 34 years, the renovation work will provide a much needed upgrade to the old Stark Street building.

With regional golf cart and turf equipment sales continuing to climb, Pacific Golf & Turf needed to find more warehouse, parts, service, and showroom space in the Portland area. Constructed in 1980, the 17,680 square foot building is nearly double the size of Pacific’s current location on Columbia Boulevard.

Updates around the building include new landscaping, parking lot striping, and new signs. The building itself now has new siding, paint, and exterior lighting. The bulk of the remodeling took place inside and began with stripping the interior down to bare walls and floors. Partition walls were constructed for staff and sales offices, along with new walls to create a parts sales area, and a large open-air retail showroom with a 5,000 square foot mezzanine. The warehouse and service areas also received updates that included new walls, lights, and new paint. All interior lighting was upgraded to energy-efficient light fixtures thanks to a financial contribution from the local Energy Trust.

“Not only will this new location be a great move for our golf and turf staff and provide us with the extra space our business needs, but the massive overhaul of the building gives it a more modern look with energy-efficient technology,” said Steve Cotton, Vice President of the Pacific Golf & Turf Division. “This remodel should also help improve the look and feel of the business community in that area.”

Sitting on nearly two acres, this building provides Pacific with nearly twice the external storage area for inventory and additional indoor storage space compared to the old location. The new customer interface areas will also allow easier customer access to parts, service, and retail staff. Completion of this enormous remodeling project is expected in mid-December, with Pacific Golf & Turf staff moving in before the end of the year.

About Pacific Golf & Turf
Pacific Golf & Turf, a division of Pacific Power Group, is the largest sales, service, and parts provider for John Deere Golf equipment and E-Z-GO golf carts in the region, serving a wide range of industries including golf courses, sports complexes, cemeteries, municipalities, commercial campuses, and the private sector. Pacific has five locations serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii. Find more information about PG&T online at www.PacificGolfTurf.com.

About Pacific Power Group
Pacific Power Group is primarily engaged in the sales and service of new and remanufactured engines, power generation products, commercial trucks, commercial turf equipment, golf cars, and marine power solutions. Pacific currently operates 13 sales, service, and parts warehousing facilities in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii and provides extended service to seven additional western states.

Media Contact: Tiffany Landers 360-887-7475

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December 2014 Foreword Press

December 2014 Issue (2.8 MB)


  • President’s Report – Bryan Tunstill
  • Player of the Year Honors go to Darren Black, John Cassidy (Assistant) and Rob Gibbons (Senior)
  • Appreciating Our Charities
  • Employment Services – Carol Pence
  • Player Development – Monte Koch
  • Financial Services – Blake Parrish

Some features may not display correctly within your browser. You may want to right-click the link and select “save link as” to download file first. To print this issue, please set page scaling to “fit to printable area” in your printer settings. If you have any questions or comments about the e-magazine, please email mcannon@pgahq.com or call the Section office at 800-688-4653.

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26th Senior PGA Professional National Championship


The 26th Senior PGA Professional National Championship, presented by Mercedez-Benz,  took place at PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, FL, November 13-16. Representing the Pacific Northwest Section were: Steve Stull (Meadow Springs CC), Joey Carranza (Aldarra GC), Chris Van der Velde (Tetherow GC), Rob Gibbons (Arrowhead GC), Mark Gardner (The Creek at Qualchan), Brent Murray (Oswego Lake CC), Jeff Fought (Black Butte Ranch), Zdravko Barbic (Gearhart Golf Links) and Jeff Coston (Semiahmoo G&CC).

The low 35 finishers in the Championship earned a berth in the 76th Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid, May 21-24, 2015, at French Lick (Indiana) Resort.



Final Scores

  • Jeff Coston: 68-66-71-73–278 (6)
  • Brent Murray: 76-68-73-68–285 (T18)
  • Rob Gibbons: 71-72-77-71–291 (T53)
  • Joey Carranza: 68-76-74-77–295 (74)

Round Two Scores

  • Zdravko Barbic: 75-83
  • Jeff Fought: 74-71
  • Mark Gardner: 78-71
  • Steve Stull: 78-72
  • Chris Van Der Velde: 76-70
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2015 PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship

The PGA of America is pleased to announce that the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program is now available on PGALinks.com. Graduating high school seniors and college students who are the children or grandchildren of PGA members are invited to apply online at the home page (before you log in) of PGALinks.com to be considered for financial support for college through the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program.

The scholarship program is an academic based scholarship program that takes into account the following depending on the class level of the student:

High School Graduating Senior

  • High School Cumulative Grade Point Average – must be at least 3.4 (60% of the scholarship weighting scale). This number is to be an unweighted GPA based on a 4.0 scale.
  • ACT and/or SAT test scores (30% of the scholarship weighting scale)
  • Extracurricular activities in high school such as sports, clubs, student government, community service, part time employment, etc. (10% of the scholarship weighting scale).

Current College Student (has not reached their senior year in college)

  • College Cumulative Grade Point Average – must be at least 3.4 (60% of the scholarship weighting scale)
  • Most recently completed college semester or quarter GPA (30% of the scholarship weighting scale
  • Extracurricular activities in college such as sports, clubs, student government, community service, part time employment, etc. (10% of the scholarship weighting scale)

Scholarship funding will also take into account financial need, please see details in Financial Need Section of the application. The total number of scholarships a student can receive will be limited to 2 total scholarships over the 4 years of undergraduate college attendance.

The amount and number of scholarships is determined by the availability of funds, and may vary from year to year based on these factors and IRS guidelines. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the PGA Scholarship Committee. The scholarship is for accredited Universities or Colleges in the United States only.

The application process is live online (www.PGALinks.com) between November 17, 2014 and March 16, 2015. Students are asked to wait until they are in possession of their most current grade report (first semester) or transcript before applying. The applicant must enter the students Social Security number and the PGA affiliated parent or grandparents PGA ID number to gain access to the application.

After submitting the online application, the applicant must have postmarked by March 16, 2015 to the below address a sealed official school grade transcript that shows their GPA information and ACT/SAT test scores (if a high school applicant) to:

PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program
Attn: Caroline Blackwood
100 Avenue of the Champions
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

PGA members can check out the Scholarship Search Tips for additional listed websites to help you with your scholarship search by visiting the homepage of PGALinks.com/Personal Benefits/PGA Scholarship Program.

Further questions about the PGA Scholarship Program can be directed to the PGA of America Membership Information Services Center at 1-888-532-6662 or via email at cblackwood@pgahq.com.


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