PNW Pro-Amateur Championship – Tournament Results


The Pacific Northwest Pro-Amateur Championship is under way at Astoria G&CC.  We have 60 top PNW PGA Professionals and their amateurs all vying for the title of Pro-Amateur Champions.  On Thursday and Friday we will have shotgun starts.

The history of the Pacific Northwest Professional-Amateur Championship has been timeless.  It all started when a young head professional named John Junor and his amateur partner won back to back titles at the magnificent Seattle Golf Club in 1924 and 1926 (no championship in 1925).  Professional Walter Pursey and amateur Harry Givan topped Junor in the late 30’s with a three-peat victory at Seattle GC twice and Alderwood GC once.  As the years went on, many great players etched their names into the record books as champions of this event.  Long time professional Don Bies and his partners have seen numerous championships winning three of them in 1961 at Glendale CC, 1964 at Seattle GC, and in 1966 at Yakima CC.  Other greats such as Bunny Mason (1963) and Jerry Mowlds (1969, 1978) have all had their share of the title.

The Pacific Northwest Pro-Amateur Championship is a two-man team competition with one professional and one amateur playing a four-ball format.

CLICK HERE to view past team champions of this event.

astoria-logoAstoria Golf and Country Club began in 1923 and is considered one of the northwest’s premier private golf clubs. The unforgettable and challenging 18-hole golf course, built on top of ancient sand dunes near the Pacific Ocean, is one of Oregon’s hidden gems and host to the annual Oregon Coast Invitational Tournament. Astoria’s offers a full service golf shop, newly redesigned clubhouse with men’s and ladies’ locker rooms, restaurant and banquet facilities, and a 13 acre practice facility. With its rich history and one of a kind layout, Astoria truly is “The St. Andrews of the Pacific.”

CLICK HERE to view the Pro-Amateur Championship results once they have been posted for the day.

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Save Early and Save Often

How much money will you need for retirement? Who hasn’t wrestled with that retirement question? But many people don’t know the answer. Forty-five percent of people just guess how large their nest egg must be, according to the 2013 Employee Benefit Research Institute survey.

Yet relying solely on guesswork can be a path to disappointment for golf professionals.

Building a big retirement nest egg can be even more of a challenge if you use faulty strategy. And many young investors do just that. Seventy-six percent of Americans ages 15-24 – admit they know little or nothing about how to invest, according to a new survey by brokerage TD Ameritrade. Nearly half – 47% – believe a savings account is the best way to prepare for retirement. I empathize with them, witnessing first-hand the effects on my family after the Tech bubble fifteen years ago followed by a stock market financial meltdown a few years later coupled with many families losing equity in the homes they live in.

Yet historically cash like that in a bank account dramatically underperforms stocks and many other asset classes. Investors need to own things, period. Even once interest rates rise back to normal levels around 4%, savings accounts will earn far less than other asset classes you can own as an investor.

This generation is risk-averse. In other words, they don’t appreciate that stocks earn far more (over time) and are the best way to save for retirement. A simple chart shows this:


Okay, you don’t have $200 bucks a month laying around because we work in the golf business, right? You may have said, “Once I’ve made it to Director of Golf, I’ll catch up on my saving for retirement”. Get on it, then! Get educated in the PGA or develop your credentials through The Golfing Machine or TPI. Call Carol Pence, PGA Employment Consultant, right now -today to schedule a time to discuss your most valuable asset – YOU.   All are terrific resources available to anyone willing to simply “make it happen”. What about on the spending side? That monthly cable bill, extra drink & desert decisions while eating out, or cell phone bill you seem to be able to afford. Do you really need these right now in your life?

Own anything, such as equity in a home, so that market volatility or job loss doesn’t catch you by surprise where the bank can come take your home via foreclosure. Own a duplex and rent out one side while living in the other. Own stocks, bonds, or other investments and try your best to make sure they are profitable companies and better yet can afford to pay investors a dividend to showcase the company’s financial strength.

My advice is to save first, then invest. And why not be more frugal. I’d rather have $100k in an account than drive a new car on lease, rent an expensive apartment, borrow on credit cards, etc. The benefits of living on less than what you bring in, and investing early is huge. Compounding magnifies stocks’ outperformance each year.

From 1926 through 2014, stocks averaged a 10.12% annual return and have never had a rolling 15-year period of negative nominal returns. Don’t get caught up in all of the historical numbers because people are not typically invested 100% in an index fund tracking the S&P500, but rather start with target date types of funds. Better yet, hire an advisor to be selective with the investments inside of your portfolio.

Blake Parrish
Senior VP, Portfolio Manager
Phone: (503) 619-7237

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Your Best Shot in 2016 Starts Now

Your Pre-Shot Planning Routine

Wow, this amazing summer of 2015 just won’t end. It started early and it’s still going. It’s been a busy summer for me, and I’ve enjoyed seeing so many of you succeed and represent the PGA in your daily efforts. This past weekend, I was the Tournament Director for the PGA Junior League West Regional Championship at Chehalem Glenn GC in Newberg, OR. Branden Thompson, PGA, Mike Snyder, PGA and staff did a great job as hosts. Plus, the leadership of the OPGA Chapter were there in force to support the event, including providing a hosted ice cream truck to wrap up the event. Totally cool!

Since I started here in 2012, I am happy to see some real momentum beginning for the golf professionals who’ve embraced their role in PLAYER DEVELOPMENT as an opportunity to driving revenues, more rounds, more stable memberships and more interest in our game. We are definitely heading in the right direction, but this is no time to rest on our collective laurels. It’s time to plan for greater success in 2016!

player-dev-graphicAt left, you’ll see the PLAYER DEVELOPMENT WHEEL has six key steps to be followed for success with player development efforts at your facility. You’ll notice the process starts with Communication and it seems to end there as well. (It doesn’t end there, it just starts the loop again to get better, more efficient and more profitable.)

Communication is the umbrella over the rest of the Player Development Wheel. It’s not just a step, it’s ongoing and it’s about showing your “professional intentionality” to drive the measures your employer (your owner, board of directors, corporate leadership, etc.) is looking for you to deliver. You may be thinking, I communicate already (and I’m sure you do). With that out of the way, I ask you to consider how you might improve in this area. Communication isn’t about what you tell your employer, it’s about what THEY HEAR and understand from you in the communication. How many subpar decisions have we all seen due to poor communication, missing information, etc? I like to quote Mike O’Donnell, Senior Director of Player Development for the PGA, when he says, “They don’t know, what they don’t know.” Good communication is the intentional effort to fix this ever-present issue.


Click to view large, printable version

Click to view large version

The best communication starts at the beginning, before the analysis step has really begun. In presenting your view of the Club’s current status, I recommend that you:

  • Engage your employer (or the Board) right away in the process
  • Include key staffers/colleagues as part of the process, showing your intentionality for including them – share how you hope to create value for the whole facility, and not just yourself/your department.
  • Share your “why” to your employer/colleagues so they can see, believe and support your efforts to drive revenue to the facility bottom line.
  • Paint an accurate picture of the status quo, and why your facility can’t afford to stand pat. If your audience understands this, they’re going to be more likely to
  • Believe in your skills, your vision and your business acumen to present a good case for your plan. As a golf professional, you’re uniquely gifted to inspire your customers/members but also your coworkers (and maybe even your employer) I believe good communication is also beneficial because it will show your expertise, analytical skills and acumen to your employer.
  • Lead in the “routing development” part of the plan. No one builds a golf course one hole at a time, with no regard for how that hole fits into the 18-hole course. Your plan should be no different.
  • Sell your vision (how it includes the whole team) and share how it will drive engagement amongst your customers and membership…and that means revenue across all departments.
    • If you don’t understand how creating “engagement for golfers” at your facility will drive proven increases in food and beverage, merchandise sales, more rounds and more stable memberships, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME so I can share these facts with you (so you can share them with your employer).
  • Assure delivery. When we slip an addressed envelope with a stamp in the mailbox, we expect something. Delivery. Great communication is your best way to create confidence with your employer, your staff/colleagues and other stakeholders on the front end. Delivery is the best way to ensure their trust of you, your vision and your skills grows from here.

As a result of inclusive, constant and intentional communication, it’s my sincere hope that you can achieve more in 2016 than you thought and more importantly you can prove your value as a PGA professional. For 2016, it’s my hope that you can confidently say (and be able to prove), “I DELIVER MORE…more customers, more dues, more member retention, more participation, more sales, and more rounds. I deliver more revenue.”

As always, it’s my hope you’ll give me the chance to help you develop your plan to be the “revenue delivery agent” your facility needs you to be. As YOUR PGA Member benefit, I would love to help you, your staff and your facility in any way I can. Please let me know how I can help you.

Monte Koch, Certified PGA Professional/Player Development
Player Development Regional Mgr/Mentor**
PGA of America (Greater Seattle/PacNW PGA Section)
Email:  Cell: 206/335-5260

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October 2015 CEO’s Report

The PNW PGA Merchandise Show is just around the corner, October 26-28 at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center. This beautiful building is located in Downtown Tacoma, our host hotel – Hotel Murano – is just across the street and there are 30 restaurants and bars within walking distance! In addition to doing your buying for the year, you and your staff should be able to have a little fun. We open with the Pro-Vendor Invitational at Fircrest on Monday, October 26, the Show runs October 27 and 28 and our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday morning, October 28. A full education calendar is available and presented below.

We are very happy that PGA of America President Derek Sprague has accepted President Tunstill‘s invitation and will join us for the Annual Meeting. Derek and Bryan will be hosting a Town Hall as the featured part of the meeting. We open the day with Pelzer Golf Supplies hosting a hot breakfast at 6:30 AM before the meeting begins at 7:30.

We are emphasizing education in October at the Merchandise Show. We open with the PGA of America bringing us the Youth and Family Golf Workshop, Saturday-Sunday, October 24-25. This jam-packed workshop features both Section and National experts. Program and Registration information is now available. Following the Pro-Vendor on Monday, October 26, Scott Smith, National Sales Manager with Page & Tuttle/Brooks Brothers will present “Apparel Trends and Opportunities”. Scott will touch on a variety of topics to help you improve your sales. Carol Pence will reinforce Scott’s presentation with help on promoting your skills to your employer. On Wednesday, October 28, Nike Golf is hosting Mike Bender and his teaching seminar “Practical Ideas That Create Success”. The 2009 PGA Teacher of the Year has been very successful so you might want to listen!

The 2016 tournament schedule is coming together. The calendar is a little different this year so please check the dates of our events as you make your plans for 2016. We just confirmed Fairwood to host the Assistants Championship and just have a couple more to firm up.

Two entries will be out soon! The Holcomb and One Las Vegas Pro-Am is scheduled for March 13-17, 2016 and the Bandon Dunes Workshop, scheduled for December 14-16, 2015.

I hope you were able to join us at Canyon River for the PNW PGA Professional Championship. Rotating this championship through the five chapters has many benefits:

  1. We bring access to this championship to everyone – and they just might be inspired to travel to another event;
  2. We discover that there are great golf courses in every chapter;
  3. We see that the professionals in each chapter do a nice job every day – in addition to the one in the mirror;
  4. We realized on this trip that there are a few good brew pubs in Missoula;
  5. Finally, Delta, Delta, Delta is a state of mind, not just building – 11 of you know who you are!

Join us next year as we visit John Kawasoe at Astoria G&CC for the Pacific Northwest PGA Professional Championship.

Have a great October and we’ll see you at the Merchandise Show and Annual Meeting.

Jeff Ellison, CEO

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Feenstra Wins PNW PGA Professional Championship

Champion Tim Feenstra (L) and Club Car Sponsor Erwin Huffer (R)

Champion Tim Feenstra (L) and Club Car Sponsor Erwin Huffer (R)

Missoula, MT – Canyon River GC – 6,922 Yards, Par 72, 96 players

PGA Professional Tim Feenstra of Broadmoor GC (Seattle, WA) came from five strokes behind PGA Professional Brian Thornton of Meridian Valley CC (Kent, WA) to win his third Pacific Northwest PGA Professional Championship in a playoff.  Feenstra had six birdies on his way to his 6-under par 66 to force Thornton into a playoff.  On the first hole of the playoff, Feenstra birdied to win after Thornton’s birdie putt narrowly missed.

Feenstra has previously won this event back in 2011 at Illahe Hills CC and 2013 at Meadow Springs CC.

PGA Professional Clint Ables of Wildhorse Resort GC (Pentleton, OR) and PGA Professional Brian Nosler of Golf in the Pearl (Portland, OR) finished in a tie for third place.

The PNW PGA Professional Championship is a 54 hole – NO CUT – tournament. Tim Feenstra, Brian Thornton, Clint Ables, Brian Nosler, Tony Robydek, Jason Aichele, Ryan Malby and Jason Pitt all earned a spot and advanced directly to the PGA Professional Championship, June 26-June 29th, 2016, at Turning Stone Resorts Atunyote and Shenendoah Courses – in Verona, New York.

Additionally, the low 20 scores at the 49th PGA Professional Championship next June will earn a place in the 98th

PGA Championship, July 28-31, 2016, at Baltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course, Springfield, New Jersey.

View final results:

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MSR Opportunity: Youth & Family Golf Workshop


We are happy to announce details of the PGA Youth & Family Golf Workshop,  brought to you by the PGA of America and Rick Murphy, PGA!

The workshop will be held October 24 – 25, 2015 at Hotel Murano. This precedes the PNW PGA Merchandise Show.

Register Online

Earn MSR’s in PGA Education. Learn from industry leaders Bob Baldassari, Michael Hebron, Will Robins, Monte Koch, Glenn Cundari and Sara Griffin.

Click here for flyer & full schedule.

The Early Bird Price is only $125 for both days and includes dinner on the 24th. Register before October 9 to get the discounted price!



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