Roberts, Justin - Junior Golf Program

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Property: Beaverhead Golf Course

Location: Dillon, MT

Program Contact: Justin Roberts

Contact Phone/Email: 406-683-9933 /

Name of PD Program: Dillon Junior Golf Program

Type of PD Program: Junior Golf

Details of Program

The goal is to introduce the participants (boys and girls ages 7-14) of the program to the fundamentals of golf and teach them an understanding of golf’s rules and etiquette. With this program, we hope to grow the High School team, PGA Jr League and future memberships.

The Dillon Junior Golf Program has 3 levels: Tee Level (for beginners), Green Level (for those who have completed the Tee Level) and the Challenge Golf League (for those who have completed the Green Level).

Each participant received a Skills Booklet which we tracked their progress throughout the program. Also, the kids had to pass certain levels to move onto the golf course.

All of the Tee Level Program participants received a set of golf clubs for participating in the program.

Results of Program

Most of the participants continued to practice on the range and on the practice green and played golf with their parents throughout the remainder of the summer. The High School team increased from 12 kids to 24 and we look to see that increase again in 2020.

Business Impact: Because of the program, we increased family traffic on the course. This included green fees and cart fees. We saw an increase in Familymemberships, 7 new memberships were generated increasing that by $5000. The golf course had increased revenues due to families having lunch and other F&B at the golf course while their kids were participating in the golf programs.


Give the participants the opportunity to practiceon therange and play golf for free during the remainder of the summer if accompanied by an adult. Also, the addition of the free clubs really boosts interest in the game. As we all know it is an expensive game so by starting the kids out with proper equipment it really gets them going on the right track.